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User Testimonials

"FontAgent Pro is simply the BEST font management tool I've found for Mac OS X."
Ted Padova - Author of Adobe Acrobat PDF Bible, Coauthor of Adobe Creative Suite Bible

"Surpasses the others."
Andrew Shalat - InDesign Magazine, June/July 2005

"FontAgent Pro from Insider Software aims to be the most comprehensively useful font management tool a designer can have. It proved to be every bit as good as it was billed."

"We switched our twenty-plus Macs to FontAgent Pro in less than a day. The next day our font problems had all but disappeared."
David Xenakis - President, XRX, Inc., Publisher of Knitter's Magazine and Knitter's Books

"FontAgent Pro is so simple and straightforward in its design that we now plan to extend the move to OS X and run FontAgent Pro on all our Macs."
F. Hersperger - Vice-Director, ECAV School of Art and Design

"My users LOVE FontAgent Pro! It resolved our stability issues, made production go more smoothly and made opening, closing, and saving files faster."
Scott McCarty - Cape Gazette

"FontAgent Pro is a far superior product for font management."
Eric O'Connell - Apple Consultants Network

"I have come to the conclusion that FontAgent Pro is indeed a lot better than Suitcase X1 and I have decided to UPGRADE all our existing Suitcase X1 software to the latest Font Agent Pro 3.0"
Paul Coleman - Pinewood Media

"It is nice to see a company that is responsive to the ever changing needs of Mac users, especially when it comes to almost yearly system updates."
Mark Lamhut - Paul=Mark Printing

"Here's to FontAgentPro, the best solution for font management on the Mac..."
Luke Duran - Element L Design

"Font Agent Pro 3 is the most intuitive, comprehensive and easiest to use font management software I have ever used."
A. Arthur Fisher - In Color

"I've been using Extensis Suitcase since the launch of OS X and frustrated by it on an almost daily basis. One day I finally got completely fed up and downloaded the trial version of FontAgent Pro.. When the trial ran out, I gladly purchased the software and can honestly say it saves me many minutes a day and represents the best experience I've had with a software vendor."
Jeffrey Blyseth - Axis Graphics

"We've tried them all. none of them can compare to FontAgent® Pro in speed, accuracy and reliability. .There isn't anything else that comes close to FontAgent Pro for font management. It is the best."
Chuck Sholdt - Vice President, Weather Services

"My favorite font manager is Font Agent Pro, because of its visionary handling of Fonts at the onset of its configuration. I think overall it lends itself to a more reliable experience..."
Sam Litt - author of the Mac OS X Bible, Panther Edition

"I have been using a Mac for graphic design some 15 years and have never had font management be so easy. The only downside is I find myself in FontAgent Pro looking at fonts and using the Font Compare feature just for the hell of it. I have some 2500 fonts and it is fun to compare the differences and similarities. And thank you Insider Software for the great app and great upgrade. FontAgent Pro works wonderfully in Tiger."
Mike Buettner

"We have found both Suitcase and Font Reserve to be somewhat cumbersome and confusing in the OS X environment. Font Agent Pro is easy to use, and does its job well. .FontAgent Pro is more satisfactory than any of the other Font Management programs for OS X. A must have for OS X users."
Norm Tiffany - Spaceport User Group

"I have just now installed 4 licenses of FontAgentPro and trashed an equal number of Suitcase installments. Pure heaven! Now things work!"
Tobias Thulin - Andersson & Strand Reklambyrå AB, Mölndal, Sweden

"FontAgent Pro is truly a remarkable product! I've been using a Mac since '88 and have fought with various font issues over the years. FontAgent Pro is the BEST font manager -- I have had no problems in the 30 day trial period, and I won't even bother you with the Font Reserve disaster that led me to your product."
Lisa Miller - L.A. Miller Design

"Insider produces quality products, treats the customer fairly and provides quick responses to customer queries. The fact that both the CEO and CMO responded to a consumer query tells me that senior management cares, always a good sign."
Fred Dial - Dial Consulting

"First-rate software. FontAgent Pro does all the thinking for you. Its stability is astounding."
Jack Williams

"I just recently switched from Suitcase and this program has been a godsend. I'm converting everyone I know to FAPro. We've been for years struggling with font issues and this has so far solved all my ills!"
David Richardson - David Hayden Advertising

"Not only is FontAgent Pro the best font-management tool out there (and I ought to know; I'm a typographer with 3,600 fonts), but your staff members are a true pleasure to deal with."
R.M. Weisman, Duke &8 Company

"I can't believe how much RAM I got back after trashing Suitcase."
Thomas Taylor (Little Tommy)

"I have nothing but praise for FontAgent Pro. I was finally able to purge the evil Suitcase X1 and it bugginess. I've found the global and app-specific auto-activation feature a return to the good old days of of system-level apps like ATM Deluxe. Finally I can fluidly work on day to day project and only need to manually launch fonts when I'm brainstorming new layouts/designs."
Nicolas Solberg

"Once in a while, there comes along a piece of hardware or software that is designed so well, and works so far beyond expectation that it inspires true end-user brand loyalty. Up until now I've secretly hated dealing with my fonts (and I'm a graphic designer). With FontAgent Pro it's fun to go looking for typefaces. I love your app the way I love my mac. Way to go, insidersoftware team!"
Michael Longstaff - MiLo PeHr Studios

"As System Administrator for my agency, I think I'm gonna begin implementing FAPro on our workstations (12) so that we can FINALLY switch over to Mac OS X! It has been extremely frustrating over the past 6 months or so to have this new OS, but not be able to use it because there was simply no way to get the functionality of OS 9 without a font manager – hopefully that's over...!"
Mike Williams - Squires & Company

"I must say that I'm quite pleased with FontAgent Pro, keep up the good work. On my machine, it IS the new face of font management and repair!"
Richard Lebreux – jazzymage

“FontAgent Pro is so simple and straightforward that we’ll run it on all our Macs.”
ECAV School of Art and Design

"After using FontAgent, I was quite surprised to find out that most of my "computer" problems were actually being caused by duplicate fonts, corrupted fonts, outofdate fonts, etc. Again...thanks for a Great program."
Dan Meltzer - President, FasType, Inc

"You have created a fantastic product that has already saved me considerable time."
Eric Sinclair

"The changes that you have made are fantastic. Keep up the good work. Thanks again. You have created a fantastic product."
Kent Hummel

"FontAgent is a great program."
Pericles Lewis

"FontAgent works like a charm > FAST! This should be a welcome addition to any service bureau/graphics dept. utilities folder on the server."
Anthony Vincent

"I think FontAgent is GREAT! I have cleaned up all my fonts on my computer here at home and will take it to work tonight to clean up the HUGE font mess there. I think everybody should have and use FontAgent, especially if they are a designer or anyone who wants to get their work printed using high end PostScript imaging devices. We are always receiving electronic files at work that have NO fonts included, or SOME fonts, or ALL the fonts on the planet and they will almost always have missing printer fonts or screen fonts. If people only realized the amount of time lost on their jobs because of font problems those font problems are of their own doing also! They could clear this up with FontAgent. I ran the new version on my 87 MB's of fonts and it ran flawlessly! it took about 4.5 minutes to scan the entire 87 MB's and create the new FontAgent Folder!"
Bob Bolsinger

"Just a quick message to thank you guys for making a great utility. FontAgent saved me hours of work organizing my fonts, as well as performing the niceties of eliminating unneeded font sizes and sorting fonts alphabetically that I probably wouldn't have done on my own. Thanks for a great Macintosh utility!"
John Anderson

"I've had to reorganize font collections by hand many times before and always dreaded it. FontAgent saved me MANY hours of tedious "manual" labor, in addition to combining functions of other miscellaneous font utilities that I would've had to run also. I've been looking for something like this for years. Thanks for a well designed, indispensable, very slick utility."
Mike Ripca

"Just purchased my second copy of Font Agent X. I see it as the only workable solution for a graphic artist making the move to OS X. Thanks!"
Patrick Burnett - Proxy Creative Media

"I have been using FontAgent for several months now to manage 100 megs. worth of Type 1 and True Type fonts which were admittedly in a mess before, even with Suitcase and ATM. I allocated 40 megs of memory to FontAgent and it sorted the whole lot out in 15 minutes. A brilliant product! Many thanks again!"
Peter Lindsay

"Love the Program!!!!"
Scott Asencio

"Thank you so much for FontAgent. I have been using it to sort through thousands of PostScript fonts, and I have found that it works well."
Nels Dielman

"FontAgent is an excellent product."
Peter Holland

"It is my opinion that you've developed one of the most significant tools for the Mac world... great job!!!"
David Houdek

"YES, YES, YES, I love your new version. I am a technician and graphic artist at Duplicatech, a service bureau/printer/photocopy/colour proof house in Canada. We receive designers work every day "do you have the WangaBanga Font by Illustrious Wackos Inc.?" and of every kind. After securing the font in the appropriate HD partition, I set up after using your most wonderful FontAgent. After about three revisions of the document by the designer and printed by various operators, we may wind up with three or four versions of the same font on the forementioned partition at which point FontAgent comes to the rescue. I love it! O.K.? I really like what you're doing."
Stephen Muranyi

"You have made too many wonderful changes to list them all. I am afraid I can't offer much technical insight as I am pretty illiterate when it comes to fonts, but then that is why I purchased FontAgent. Glad I did. Thanks again for a great program."
Tom Moore

"I must say that your product conveys some of the magic that the MAC had from its inception—good things from a focused package"
James Flores

I am finally upgrading to OSX 10.3 and since I already owned FontReserve and they had an upgrade specifically for 10.3, I gave it a shot. Needless to say, more trouble followed, and I spent a day getting back to square one. I'd downloaded the Suitcase demo but it brought back bad memories from OS9, so I went to Google and searched for "Font Management" looking for a way to make Apple's font browser work for me. Instead, I found a blurb about FontAgent Pro. My fonts were already so fouled up, I figured "what the heck" and downloaded the demo. I installed the demo, dragged 3 hard disks onto it and went home, thinking all I'd have in the morning is an error message and that I'd finally have to erase the hard disk and reinstall everything.

Instead, the FontAgent Pro window sat there with a notice that it had found nearly six thousand duplicate fonts (all those FontReserve Vault fonts) and thousands of other problems. And they were fixed! The FontAgent window showed everything--even fonts I'd forgotten about—in their correct families! I could activate any of them without errors--This program works exactly like it says it will, exactly like you think it should. I will not hesitate to tell people to avoid any other solution but this one.
Scott Larsen - Eastmans' Hunting Journal