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FontAgent Pro Server 6

The Leading Font Server for Departments, Agencies and Enterprises

FontAgent® Pro Server 6 is the world's most advanced solution for organizing, optimizing, distributing and tracking all your fonts. No technology does more to smooth creative workflow, bring consistent control, eliminate font corruption, and help you comply with your font-licensing agreements.

New Advances Make the Leading Server Even Better

The V6 release of the world's fastest, most dependable font server brings a new level of performance, accessibility and simplicity to users and administrators. The release includes:

  • Unique, highly detailed reports of font usage and license compliance
  • An all-new browser-based dashboard and admin tools
  • Server advances in architecture, performance and directory integration
  • OS support for Yosemite, Mavericks and Mountain Lion
  • Customizable web previews of server-based fonts

Creative Benefits for Everyone

FontAgent Pro™ Server streamlines workflow for everyone in corporate and creative workgroups, departments, agencies and enterprises.

  • Users enjoy the industry's fastest, easiest solution for synchronizing, verifying and managing fonts
  • Purchasing and legal groups track font purchases and usage to minimize licensing costs and provide legal protection
  • Managers improve productivity and ensure consistency across creative teams
  • IT groups get the world's most dependable, fastest, cost-effective and scalable font server

The World's Fastest Font Server

Advanced multi-threaded server supports multi-core Macs to deliver unrivaled performance, scalability, security, stability and simplicity to your workflow.

Always Available, Anytime and Anywhere

Users are productive at all times—whether they are connected or not—even if your server is offline.

Browser-Based Font Preview

Use Insider's WEBSIWYG browser to show users server-based fonts in their native outlines from their favorite web browser without consuming a font license.

Centralized Font Control

Organize, optimize and distribute fonts across your organization. Eliminate font corruption and bring consistent control to all your users and projects.

Guaranteed Font Integrity

Use Insider's award-winning font integrity checking to ensure your users enjoy top performance and their documents render and print precisely.

Flexible Font Organization

Organize your fonts by customer, project, department—however you want. Keep your house fonts separate from fonts you modify and those you get from clients. It's up to you.

Real-Time Font Usage and Tracking

Browser-based reports show which computers and users access various fonts and when they activate them. Save usage data to Excel and other apps for analysis.

Integrated Font License Manager

Track font license agreements, purchase histories and receipts. Manage license keys and alert administrators when license terms are exceeded.

Easy Admin and Configuration

Upload fonts, define sets, and distribute them to users in a snap. Log in from any networked client to add, delete and replicate fonts.

No-Hassle Directory and Security

Sync with Active, Open and LDAP directory servers in minutes. Control who can upload and distribute fonts and sets, create users and groups, edit licenses and view font usage data. Authenticate with 128-bit encryption and Kerberos single-sign-on.

Industrial-Strength J2EE Architecture

Built on the strength, flexibility and stability of J2EE architecture. Use your chosen SQL database. Future-proof your creative workflow with the world's fastest, most reliable font server.

Standards-Compliant and Network-Friendly

Efficient transport layer uses TCP/IP and XML over any port 80 or another one you specify. Send fast, incremental updates that use minimal bandwidth to support everyone, even users with slow connections.

Architecture and Performance Advances

The new FontAgent Pro Server 6 increases its performance lead with architectural advances that include:

  • An updated industrial-strength, J2EE server architecture for rock-solid stability and scalability
  • An industry-leading, multi-threaded, client sync manager that's now even faster

Improved Directory Support

V6 of FontAgent Pro Server extends its leadership in Active/Open/LDAP directory services support

  • Faster loading of directory records
  • Improved directory synchronization
  • Enhanced handling of nested directory groups

Yosemite-Ready and Hardware-Efficient

  • Runs on MacPro or MacMini with 1 GB running OS X Yosemite, Mavericks or Mountain Lion
  • Does not require dedicated hardware
  • Runs on standard, non-server Mac platforms
  • Optimized to exploit recent OS X and hardware advances
  • Supports tuning for varying network speeds

Comprehensive User and Font Support

  • Connects to FontAgent Pro 6 Connected Edition for Mac and Windows
  • Serves PostScript Type 1, OpenType, dfont, and Mac and Windows TrueType font formats
  • Built to handle the largest of user communities
  • Supports server replication and multi-server synchronization

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